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Our Location Saves you Hours of Travel Time so you Can Begin Relazing on "Island Time" as Soon as Possible and at No Additional Charge!

St. George’s Caye is located just 7 miles off the coast of Belize City, making it the closest and most easily accessible island resort from the international airport. There are no additional flights or transportation costs—all ground and boat transfers are included in the nightly rate. Our friendly staff greets you at the airport (or another Belize City location, if you’re exploring other parts of the country before joining us) and escorts you on a 20-minute van ride to the marina followed by a 20-minute boat ride to our secluded island paradise.

Best of Both Worlds: Island & Jungle

Our unique location is convenient for guests wanting to explore mainland Belize during their stay. You can do island and water activities and spend time in the jungle exploring Mayan ruins, ziplining, or cave tubing—without spending a lot of time getting back and forth. Learn more about our guided tours for Belize Adventures.
The Belize (BZE) international airport is just over 2 hours from many US airports—Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Houston, New York, and Los Angeles
Belize is located in Central America, between Mexico and Guatemala, on the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Many travelers visit because of the friendly Belizean people and vast natural beauty – from the Belize Barrier Reef to the dense rainforest jungle – and because it is the only English-speaking country in Central America (another bonus: you can pay for everything in US dollars).

Forever Summer

The truth about the weather
Belize Island Paradise

We think Belize is wonderful year round, especially on St. George’s Caye! Here we answer the most common questions about the weather to help you plan your trip. Still have questions? You can always write to our friendly reservations team for more details.

What about the weather reports?

Many guests write to us a week or two before arriving worried that the weather forecast shows rain every day. Not to worry, we tell them – for two reasons
  • First, “rain every day” means there is likely to be some precipitation most days, but “some” can mean a light mist mid-day or a passing storm – so “rain every day” in the forecast is unlikely to affect your enjoyment of Belize.
  • Second, the only forecast you will likely get internationally is for Belize City – and it rains much more often on the mainland than it does over the cayes, including St. George’s Caye. So the forecast doesn’t even apply to us!

Is there a "rainy" season?

You may have heard the terms “rainy season” and “dry season” for Belize. This is a myth we want to put to rest. Yes, there is more total rainfall in the country between June and November than there is during the other six months. However, it does not rain most of the time in those months, and in fact, most weeks are sunny and beautiful. It rains lots, lots more in the mountains and jungle than it does over the sea level cayes. A majority of the storms we get pass over quickly and come at night more often than not.

When is the best time to visit?

We’ve been asked this question hundreds of times, and it’s just what we would want to know before scheduling a vacation in paradise. So here we’ll share our decades of experience with the climate, month by month -- and then invite you down at a time that suits you best!
  • January & February

    Wonderful mix of hottish and cool breezes. Daytime temps mid 70s to mid 80s. Water temp about 78.
  • March & April

    Winds pick up as the weather prepares to shift. Daytime temps usually high 70s to low 80s. Water temp about 78 or 79. Underwater visibility excellent.
  • May

    Transition from moderate to hot weather. Daytime temps increase to 90s by last part of May. Water temp rising to over 80. Visibility excellent.
  • June

    Usually sunny and nice, but some storms will pass over. Daytime stays pretty warm, mid 80s to mid 90s. Water temp up to 84. Visibility still very good.
  • July, August, September, & October

    Hot days with some very calm seas. Daytime temps mid 80s to high 90s. Water temp 84. Visibility drops as summer goes on, but still good almost every day. (This is when you will find the best deals of the year in Belize.)
  • November

    Transitions from hot summer to moderate winter. Quite pleasant air temps. Water still very warm from summer sun. Underwater visibility increasing.
  • December

    Can be cold for Belize (but not for North Americans!). Daytime temps low 70s to mid 80s. Water temp moving from over 80 to under 80. Visibility generally very good.